Insulating Firebrick
  • Insulating Firebrick

Insulating Fire Bricks


Quick Overview:

10 Insulating firebricks 9.5"x4.5"x2.5"

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Insulating Fire Bricks

High compressive strength insulation for fireplaces, pizza oven floors and other applications.


This is classic insulating fire bricks. They are different from high density fire bricks as the later ones are used to retain heat (in a fireplace, wood stove, or pizza oven dome) and the insulating ones are used for the opposite purpose: to prevent heat from leaving. Consequently the insulating fire bricks are much lighter than the high density ones: 2.5 lb vs 8 lb. A layer of these bricks would be an excellent support underneath a pizza oven floor. They are used in the same application as the rigid mineral board however the insulating brick has a much higher compressive strength - about 2.6 times that of the board - which means that it can bear a lot more weight. However for most ovens ceramic fiber board is plenty. 

1 box contains 10 bricks, each one is 9.5"x4.5"x2.5"

Our bricks have low thermal conductivity, high purity, good alumina contents, low iron, high stability.

Rated to 1300C

Compressive strength 2.0 Mpa

Rupture strength 1.2 Mpa

Density 47 lb

45% Alumina

50% Silica