Cosmo Rotary Tiller, UL Series, 48"
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Cosmo Rotary Tiller, UL Series, 48"


Quick Overview:

Our most popular Bully / Shaktiman tiller!

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This model is expected back in May!

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Cosmo Rotary Tiller: UL48  

- Gear driven side transmission in oil bath
- Series 4 PTO with slip clutch (610 mm cross to cross)
- Adjustable lower hitch brackets
- CE safety guards
- Powder coated
- Adjustable side depth skids

- 6 tines per flange

- Size of blades: 16 x 11.5 x 6 CM

- Category 1 three-point hitch


Total width: 53"

Tilling width: 48"

Tractor HP range: 20-25 HP

6 flanges on rotor

36 tines

Blade shape: curved

PTO input speed: 540 RPM

Rotor shaft speed: 245 RPM

Maximus working depth: 6.5"

Roor tube diameter: 7 cm

Rotor swing diameter: 37.5 cm

Weight in crate: 562lb